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According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking rates have declined by 18%. This is down from 20% in 2013. The numbers have made researchers optimistic since this is the first time in seven years that the smoking rate has dropped. Smoking is the most leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. The CDC states that one in five deaths are caused by cigarettes, smokers cost the American people between $50 billion and $70 billion per year in medical bills.

Researchers are unclear about what has caused this decline in the smoking rate. Traditionally high taxes on tobacco products, media campaigns, school-based campaigns, and smoking restrictions have driven down the smoking rate. Last year, the CDC launched a media campaign that featured graphic images and stories of longtime smokers. Tobacco advocates and other groups charged the CDC with resulting to low and sensationalistic methods to scare consumers into quitting. Some believe that the ads were successful, as the television and radio ads triggered 200,000 calls by smokers.

Other researchers believe that an increase in cigarette prices has contributed to an overall reduction. The raise in price has definitely affected teen smoking. The CDC notes that a 10% price increase can cut consumption of cigarettes by teens by 4%. States that have more restrictions on teen tobacco smokers also have significantly lower adult smoking rate as well. Despite these encouraging trends, there are still 45 million adult smokers in the United States and many of these smokers are searching for ways to quit smoking.

Many longtime traditional smokers have turned to e-cigs to help them quit smoking. Although there are no long term studies that can directly link the use of e-cigs to the disuse of traditional cigarettes, there are scores of former smokers who credit e-cigs for their ability to stop smoking.

The e-cig industry has become a billion dollar industry in only 5 years and its growing. In fact, e-cig sales are projected to outpace the sales of regular cigarettes this year. So it’s no surprise that e-cig businesses are springing up left and right. The thing that most new e-cig entrepreneurs don’t realize, is that getting into the e-cig or vape shop biz is classified as a high risk industry. So if you’re thinking of cashing in on this growing business and find yourself in need for business funding or payment processing solutions, you’ll need a high risk business specialist who can help increase your e-cig profits and customer base. .

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