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In a major change for long time leader in the e-cig and e-juice industry, Lizard Juice has released their new E-juice with just 5 simple, natural ingredients and NO preservatives, new packaging and presentation of their premium juice made in the U.S.

The Back to Basics juice contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, nicotine and natural flavorings.  Five basic ingredients, but those ingredients are the highest quality available and each ingredient is approved by the Food And Drug Administration

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gary Wilder said “In an age where everything seems to be going to over processed and excessive, we decided that less is more. For that reason we have gone back to basics, back to our core values. Back to basics allows us to focus on our higher quality, all natural, no preservatives e-juice and follow the company’s goal of ‘Changing Lives One Person At A Time’.”

Lizard Juice is a leader in the electronic cigarette and e-juice industry with 11 corporate and 21 franchise stores. The company began franchising last April and will open another 100 franchise stores over the next year.

There are another 100 outlets country wide where Lizard Juice is sold. Every franchise, corporate store and wholesale outlet will be “Back to Basics” by the end of April.

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