Comic-Con Bans e-Cigs

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Comic-Con Bans e-Cigs

The war on vaping continues, Comic-Con has banned the electronic devices from its convention among other items this year.

The LA Times reports Comic-Con International (CCI), the parent company behind San Diego Comic-Con banned vaporizers and items like it in its technology rules.

According to Comic-Con’s official blog, Toucan, the ban was put in place are for the safety of the guests attending. Aside from the banning of vapes CCI has banned drones and any flying objects and selfie sticks.

But the vaporizer ban was done in the safety of convention goers. The ban not only extends to the convention floor, but to any official Comic-Con location or event whether it is outside or inside.

CCI did mention in its blog post, if a person is found with a vaporizer at the convention they will be asked to stow it by security. Comic-Con starts on July 9 and more information on what will be allowed and what is banned can be found on its blog.

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