New Study Shows Dangers of E-Cigs to Children

admin August 26, 2015 Comments Off on New Study Shows Dangers of E-Cigs to Children
New Study Shows Dangers of E-Cigs to Children

Many parents may be unaware of the dangers posed by electronic cigarettes for their children. A new Washington University study finds that e-cigs are becoming more popular.

As the use of electronic cigarettes has risen dramatically in the United States in recent years, so have calls to poison centers about them.

“In our community in the St. Louis area, there’s a lot of homes where children are exposed to electronic cigarettes,” says study author Jane Garbutt. “In fact, one in eight homes, which is a surprise.”

Garbutt says in three percent of the homes, children have tried to drink the liquid nitrogen, which is potentially fatal.

“We found that a lot of times people store their e-liquid in a purse or on a counter,” says Garbutt. “Somewhere where a young child could climb on a stool and quite easily get it.”

Spilling the e-liquid on a child’s skin can be just as dangerous, because it quickly absorbs into the body. Garbutt urges parents to store their e-liquid out of reach for children.

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