Four Reasons Why Vaping Will Entirely Replace Smoking

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Four Reasons Why Vaping Will Entirely Replace Smoking

Over the recent past, many smokers have started embracing E-cigarettes and they have become so popular. According to the recent statistics, they show a rapid increase in the numbers of the people who are vaping and they do not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Vape shops have also become very common in almost every community and in case there is no vape shop in a community people can access hundreds of shops which are available online. Every heavy cigarette smoker who has had an experience with the E-cigarette can attest that with time the vaping will completely replace tobacco smoking.

Although it may take several years, the signs are so clear that E-cigarettes will take the place held by smoking. There are many reasons why this is bound to take place. Some of the major contributing factors are:

  1. They are more pocket friendly: The cost of buying traditional cigarettes is a bit high. They are not as cheap as the E-cigarettes are. A smoker would probably just feel the small cost just when buying the pen and once that is acquired; all you will need to buy is the e-liquid and refill the pen yourself. It is estimated that vaping is about 80% cheaper than the traditional tobacco smoking.
  2. Use of E-cigarettes is more acceptable socially: There are many public places and nightclubs that do not allow use of cigarettes due to their smelly nature as well as production of smoke. However, with E-cigarettes, the user stands out from the crowd especially in the house parties, coffee talks and other such meetings where tobacco smoking is unwelcomed.
  3. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke: There is a very big difference between the smoke produces by the traditional tobacco smoking and the vapor produces by the E-cigarettes and the vapor can be inhaled. In addition to the absence of smoke, the E-cigs have lower rate of risk to the user’s health.
  4. Nicotine in E-cigarettes is delivered more efficiently: The amount of nicotine in E-cigs is actually determined by the amount an individual wants to be present. For the heavy smokers who maybe struggling to quit smoking, they have an option of choosing to vape a ‘zero nicotine’ e-liquid. This gives the E-cigs an advantage which is not present in the traditional tobacco smoking which is not as efficient as the E-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have not yet become as popular as cigarettes but as time goes by, they are gaining ground they will soon become the trend and the normal lifestyle for the smokers.

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