Florida State Rep from Tampa Files “Vaping” Ban Bill

admin January 6, 2016 1
Florida State Rep from Tampa Files “Vaping” Ban Bill

State Rep. Shawn Harrison has filed legislation that would prohibit “vaping” indoors in public places such as restaurants, stores and workplaces.

Harrison, a Tampa Republican, filed the bill (HB 1143) on Wednesday for consideration in the 2016 Legislative Session.

“Vaping” is the nickname for using an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, which produces an inhaled vapor of nicotine solution.

The measure would amend the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act, first enacted in 1985, to include “inhaling, exhaling, carrying, or possessing a nicotine dispensing device” in the definition of “smoking.”

In 2003, the Legislature OK’d an addition to the law that bans smoking in workplaces. Also, Florida lawmakers in 2014 outlawed the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

Harrison’s bill does not yet have a Senate companion.

The session begins Tuesday.

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  1. Mark T. January 28, 2016 at 4:08 pm -

    As a vaper..make that a heavy vaper, I am not opposed to this bill. Personally; if I am at a restaurant with my sife and/or my kids join us, I do not like some one smoking, vaping anything that may interfere with me trying to enjoy time with my wife and family. Furthermore, you don’t smoke a cigarette when you go into a supermarket or when you go to the movie house to watch that first run mega hit that you’ve been waiting for it to come out. So why would you vape in these places as well.
    As a resident of Florida on the east coast Rep. Harrison has my vote on this subject. Say what you will but personally I think this is a good idea. What it boils down to is manners, something a LOT of people do not have in this day and age.

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