Mixology & Vaping – How to Make Your Own e-Juice

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Mixology & Vaping – How to Make Your Own e-Juice

Mixology is a term used to describe the art of mixing cocktail drink recipes but what about e-juice? Vaping is extremely popular and more and more people take upon themselves to try and create their own flavors of e-liquids. Will the term mixology get a revamp one day soon?

If you are a vaper then the thought of mixing your own juices has most likely already crossed your mind… they are cheaper, you can create exactly what you want and you can have some fun whilst doing it.

There are two ways of getting a bespoke juice:

You can make it from scratch by mixing nicotine concentrate, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and some combination of flavor concentrates … it can be fun and it will sure give you a lot of satisfaction, it is a fairly easy but definitely not a quick process as the juice has to steep for a while before it can be used. Steeping is akin to the fine art of wine or cheese making in so far as allowing it to mature and the flavors to develop. Creating your own e-liquids requires a lot of patience and precision… a small mistake with measurements can really cost you dearly if for example you miscalculate the nicotine volumes, so only attempt it after a solid research and good preparation on your part.

You can mix existing juices to achieve a desired flavour combination. This is much easier way of getting your dream juice when compared to making it from scratch. Mixing existing juices is much safer, it doesn’t require so much preparations and it is ready to vape within minutes, not weeks!

So how do you mix existing e-juices?

Well, the process is pretty straight forward.

  1. Select the flavors you wish to mix together.
  2. Decide how much of each flavor will go to your new juice and decide how to measure it; doing it by ml seems to work well for us.
  3. Take a fresh, clean tank aka clearomizer and start adding the required amount of each flavor in.
  4. Screw the base back up.
  5. Shake well.
  6. Let it stand for a minute or two and you are ready to vape!

Easy isn’t it?

Mixing existing juices is a perfect way of getting rid of that flavour which isn’t all that good on its own. For example we have a few bottles of black coffee, well it sounded great when we were buying it but in reality none of us really enjoys it, but when mixed with cream and chocolate, it makes for a lovely vape.

There is no limit to flavor combinations you can create as the only limitation is your imagination but to get you started and to give you some ideas what might go well with what you might want to have a look at this easy guide how to make the most popular vaping cocktails created by VIP Electronic Cigarette.

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