Vapers Live in Constant Paranoid Fear, According to Vape Magazine

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Vapers Live in Constant Paranoid Fear, According to Vape Magazine

An article that ran in the Manchester Evening News and subsequently tweeted by “the UK and Ireland’s leading magazine focusing on the e-cig and vape industry,” Vapouround Magazine, suggests that people who partake in vaping — otherwise known as vapers — live in a constant state irrational fear directly related to their vape addiction.

Seven things you only know if you vape” provides an insider’s look at the unique struggles of those whose very existences have become governed by the habit of ritually inhaling chemicals contained within “e-cigs” and “vape pens.” The unique stresses caused by vaping are detailed by a self-identified vapist, and include “constant” and “irrational fear,” “blind panic,” and a low regard for personal safety caused by their dependency.

Three of the four listed categories describe “the fear,” as the author refers to it:

Oh, the fear. Vapers live with the constant, unwavering threat… It’s not like if you smoke…With vaping it’s different…

When I first decided to write this I asked a friend, a veteran vaper, for her ideas. Panic seems to run through all of her suggestions… Considering it’s something people do to calm themselves down, vaping is surprisingly fraught with uncertainty and terror.

Ultimately what’s behind e-cig related panic is the terror…

The cravings caused by vaping are so strong that vapists will continue the habit even though many are worried their e-cig is “going to blow up in [their] face” — a real danger associated with the addiction. Vaping will also cause people to break the law: The author described multiple vapists she knows have vaped on airplanes, ignoring warnings that doing so could make “the plane fall out of the sky.”

It’s easy to understand the fierce, negative reaction articles on the possible health effects (popcorn lung) of this new addiction prompt from vapists considering the obvious and severe negative effect the practice has on their emotional and cognitive well-being.

So you might want to think about what’s more important to you before you pick up that e-cig, your mental and physical health, or looking cool like these guys?

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