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Why Vaping Is Here To Stay

1.  It’s more environment friendly compared to cigarettes – This actually was not my first pick but for some reason I envisioned a completely random mound of cigarette butts.

I go hiking every once in a while, and I see cigarette butts on some parts of the trail. I don’t vape while I hike, but if I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t leave any type of trash caused by my vaping. Okay, maybe an e-juice bottle or two but, no, I was just kidding.

Oh yeah, cigarette packs, lighters, and matches are other forms of trash that are associated to smoking.

2. It tastes better – This might not be the best example to use but teenagers definitely agree that vaping tastes better than smoking. As more teens are trying vaping, the number of teen smoking has dropped dramatically.

Look at it this way, this as a precursor to the future consumer preferences of the younger generation once they reach legal age. Cigarettes smokers, in my theory, will be reduced to a small group like that of cigar smokers.

3. They cost cheaper than cigarettes – At least in my case. Depending on how much you used to smoke, vaping is definitely the cheaper alternative. Gas has gone down, but cigarette prices continue to rise (not really sure, haven’t bought cigarettes in a long time).

4. They ARE healthier than cigarettes – Anti-vaping findings continue to be rebuked and lose credibility despite massive backing from the media, thanks to the strong internet presence of the international vaping community.

As more results are coming in, the common conclusion among the results of these tests is that vaping is nearly not as dangerous as cigarette smoking, and cigarettes continue to be the deadliest of all nicotine methods.

5. Its a hobby, not a habit – I may have touched on this a bit earlier but I can not express how liberating it is not to be stressed and worrying about cigarettes. I vape through free will, and not because I feel the need to do it, which was the case when I was still smoking.

This is how I feel about vaping. If you ask me, vaping is here to stay. From what I know there are thousands of others out there who feel the same way as I do.

The real question now is who would ever consider cigarettes, gum, or patches to get nicotine these days when vaping is obviously the more pleasurable and safer way to do it.

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